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Chiropractic care near me helps patients of all ages live their most active, vibrant life. At Wallen Family Chiropractic in New Waverly, Dr. Wallen works with patients from New Waverly, Coldspring, Huntsville, Willis, Conroe, and the surrounding areas in our conveniently located office in New Waverly. From back pain and whiplash caused by an auto accident injury to poor range of motion and pain caused by arthritis, Dr. Wallen is ready to assess your condition to create a treatment plan specifically for you. When you see a chiropractor near me, you will be on the path to wellness. 

Chiropractic Care in New Waverly, TX

It is important to take care of your body. When you have pain, inflammation, or difficulty walking, the right treatment can make a big impact on your life. Dr. Wallen treats patients of all ages to restore the body to wellness. If you have been hurt playing sports or you are dealing with a chronic pain condition, you can heal when you get the care you need. Chiropractic care looks to find the root cause of your pain to come up with a targeted treatment to fix the problem. 

What to Expect during Your First Chiropractic Visit 

You can expect to meet with Dr. Wallen during your first chiropractic visit to assess your condition and discuss what brought you into the office. You will go through your symptoms and be asked about your previous medical history that might be relevant. Range of motion will be measured, and your level of pain at the moment will be recorded. Once your evaluation is complete, treatment may begin to help reduce pain and restore your body to wellness.

Treatments Used by a Chiropractor

The treatment you receive will be specific to your condition, but spinal adjustments are a common way chiropractic care is provided. Once the spine is aligned, supportive therapies are used to relax the muscles and improve circulation. You might receive hot or cold therapy, ultrasound, massage, or electrical muscle stimulation as part of your care. Decompression techniques can be used to stretch your spine and increase the space between vertebrae if you have a bulging disc.

Visit Your New Waverly Chiropractor Today

It's time to change your life and schedule with your New Waverly chiropractor today. Call Wallen Family Chiropractic, your chiropractor in New Waverly, TX, at (936) 577-0479, and set up your first consultation. You will go through a consultation with Dr. Wallen, setting yourself up for success and healing.


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