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Spinal Health and Our New Waverly Chiropractor

We at Wallen Family Chiropractic can provide “chiropractic care near me” from a chiropractor New Waverly, TX, residents can benefit from. We offer comprehensive spinal decompression and other chiropractic care services to our patients. With the help of a “chiropractor near me,” we are here to help you recover and maintain your spinal health and wellness. Here are some ways that spinal health might be hurt.


Sports Activities

It's common for athletes, particularly those participating in contact sports such as football, soccer, or even skiing and snowboarding, to suffer from injuries. The physicality of these activities leads to falls and accidents, which can put strain on the spine. Our New Waverly chiropractor can detect damages or misalignments and help provide the necessary treatment. We can also help you to select the appropriate treatment, such as spinal decompression, for sports injuries. 

Auto Accidents

Whiplash is a common spinal injury from auto accidents, even at low speeds. Whiplash often causes pain, stiffness, and soreness around the neck region and can take days to heal. Work with our chiropractor to help get rid of the pain and stiffness. We can offer considerable relief from this condition through treatments such as spinal decompression and “chiropractic care near me.”

Falls and Slips

Slips and falls can happen, especially to the elderly or those with chronic medical conditions. In some extreme cases, a fall can lead to spinal injuries. When seeking treatment for spinal injuries resulting from slips and falls, get work chiropractic care from a “chiropractor near me” to address the issue. Get chiropractic care to help address the root cause of your spinal injury and help you stay in good health. We can provide you with spinal adjustments, corrective exercises, and more. 

Poor Posture

If you're constantly sitting for too long, you may experience strain and pain in your spine. Poor posture can also lead to misalignments which can be quite discomforting. Our chiropractor can use chiropractic care to help restore the spine's natural alignment. Your posture can quickly lead to other chronic medical conditions, and it can be useful to see a chiropractor regularly. 

Get Spinal Decompression from a Chiropractor New Waverly, TX, Residents Can Benefit from

At Wallen Family Chiropractic, our New Waverly chiropractor can provide care for those suffering from a spinal injury. We provide treatments such as spinal decompression and other services to help you reclaim your comfort, posture, and strength. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how they can benefit you. Call us at (936) 577-0479 for more information.


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